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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa: Take the Sweat Away!

After nearly 2 months of gloriously pleasant "winter" temps, in the last few days, South Florida has greeted the return of icky hot, humid weather.  I realize that for those living in the frozen north, that might sound delightful, but for me, the temperate winter months in SoFL are about the only perk to running in a sub-tropical region.

So, to be greeted by 80+ degree temps and 90+ relative humidity is not welcome this time of year.  Last night when I ran, I returned home as soaked in sweat as I would be in mid-summer.

Not cool, December, not cool.

Of course, I suppose I should try to savor it: Next Tuesday we fly to MN where I'm gonna freeze my tookus off for 10 days (I haven't experienced a smidgen of winter in 4 years -- the last time we were in MN at Christmas time -- and am most certainly de-acclimated to cold and snow).  So, I know I shouldn't be complaining, but I can't help but be kinda looking forward to running in the cold instead of the heat.

I'm gonna regret that sentence, aren't I?


Lisa said...

I'd rather run in colder weather than hot humid. Just not TOO cold. Enjoy the break from the heat!

Robyn said...

You'll love running in MN! I went 4.5 mi this morning in 25-30 degree weather -- perfect in tights and two base layer-weight shirts (one came off midrun), plus a hat and gloves.

We got 12" of snow on Sunday, and it's all sufficiently plowed and shoveled now, so sidewalks are mostly clear. Everything is beautiful. When the sun is shining, you need your darkest sunglasses -- it's dazzling!

Carolina John said...

i'll take cold over hot any time. NC is still a bit too temperate for my liking, but I'll take it. could be worse. I don't see how you can stand those SoFL summers.

TNTcoach Ken said...

OMG I want those temps! The only good thing about this time of year is keeping the beer in the garage!

Erin said...

Mason, Annie and I went on a walk this evening and it is hot and humid. i was a sweaty girl from pushing a stroller and yanking a non-cooperative dog. I want to get back to running but the walking even aggravates my knee/leg/ankle. With the humidity, maybe I will nurse it a long a little longer and wait for cooler temps. :)

George o said...

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Jamoosh said...

Living in tropical Houston, although not quite as tropical as SoFlo, I actually don't mind the odd 79, 80 degree runs with 90+ humidity. It makes the colder runs all the better. And I'll say this, no matter what people are saying now, those folks in the cold zone will be bitching about their runs come mid January and longing for Summer again.

Nobel4Lit said...

Eeew, we got close to 80 last week, and I hated it!