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Monday, December 17, 2012

Like a Prom Dress

We're off!

Minnesota, here we come!  We're bracing ourselves for the frozen north, and I'm sure it'll be a shock to all our systems, so we spent the weekend -- in between cleaning, laundry, and packing -- soaking up the outdoors and the warmth and sun of South Florida.

As for the running?  Well, I've got my tights!  My goal is simply to fit in what I can; it's gonna be a busy trip, but I'll make some time to run.  I'm sure I'll need it so I don't lose my mind.

I'll probably post a few periodic things to the blog over the next 12 days, but for the most part, expect radio silence.  So, enjoy your own holidays!

Later gators!


Carly said...

Safe travels to MN. At least it is not below zero!

Enjoy your trip and have a Merry Christmas

Carolina John said...

Have a great holiday and a fun trip up north! It's got to be great to be around the family for that long again.

Chandler Walpole said...
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Chandler Walpole said...

Hey Jess! We're bringing an obstacle foam run to Miami and wanted to see if you might be interested in posting about it. How do I contact you? You can email me at chandlerw@roundhouseracing.com.