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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Minimum Requirements

This week has been a bit...busy.

My SIL was in town visiting for a few days.  Caleb was sick (or just teething, I don't know, either way, he's been a Crab Apple).  And, tomorrow, I leave for a day away to attend a wedding in DC.

It's not overwhelming or anything, but combine the irregular week with seemingly low levels of energy (maybe I'm getting sick, or teething?), and I have just been scraping by each day with the running.  3 milers all week.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.  It has kept the streak active, and 30 minutes of running each day is still decent, but for it to be Thursday and to have only run 15 miles so far this week...well, it feels like I'm being a slacker.

Perhaps I'll perk up over the weekend (I'm looking forward to being able to run Saturday morning in DC -- I better get some autumn temps!), and then next week presumably will be back to a more normal routine for our family, and hopefully, for the running as well!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Sorry to hear about you teething! Take some alcohol internally..... it works for me.

Marlene said...

I hear you on the hectic week. It's Thursday and I have done ONE HALF HOUR RUN. Pathetic. And I have a marathon coming up. Helllp.

Nobel4Lit said...

3-milers all week ain't too shabby at all! Way to handle everything. Have fun at the wedding!

Viper said...

If you're a slacker, what does that make me? Give yourself a break. Enjoy the wedding. Cheers!

Andrea Halnon said...

Running in DC is the best. Enjoy it.

Erin said...

Have a fun quick trip to DC!

Teething's a bitch. I should be on my thousandth set of teeth by now. :)

Jamoosh said...

Schnapps - works for young and old with teething.