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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

August Tally, Day #66, and that Fresh Fall Feeling

August was not the epic running month I had hoped it would be.  There were many small interruptions and events that made for a busy month to continue with my streak and to aim for some mega mileage: Norah's 3rd birthday and birthday party, I was sick (twice), we had the start of the school year, and we had TS Isaac sweep through.

Considering all of that, I can't complain.  It wasn't an epic month, and my goal week of a 50 mile week slipped (temporarily) out of my radar, but I still had a very solid month, running a total of 150 miles and adding 31 more days to my streak.

September will likely be just as busy as August -- our calendar is already pretty full -- but, I figure it's always better to have a busy life than an empty one, and the running will get done alongside such a full schedule, I'm sure.  Today, I only felt like running a measly 3 miler on the gym's treadmill, but the weather has actually been slightly pleasant the last few days, so I'm looking forward to logging more miles tonight in the great outdoors to round out day #66 in my current running streak.

As for other September running goals, I have three: Keep the streak going, aim to run that 50 mile week, and return to HM shape by adding more long runs to the weekly running.

September always feels like a fresh start for me since it's the start of the school year, and since I was 5, I have always enjoyed the back-to-school feeling -- like Tom Hanks' character says in "You've Got Mail," "It makes me feel like buying school supplies"!  I wish here in FL we had true autumn weather to match the change in season, but I will just have to settle for reading your accounts of that.

If you like the fresh feel of fall too, you may want to read Gretchen Rubin's new book about her attempt to start fresh in fall (if you read her other book "The Happiness Project," this promises to be just as fun a read):

It comes out today.  I want to read it, but right now I'm engrossed in "Game of Thrones" -- all kinds of medieval drama there that I'm so caught up in that I've been dreaming about Starks, Lannisters, and White Walkers, oh my!  And, by-the-by, the HBO series by the same name is just as awesome as the novel.  Watch it.  I command thee!


Kathee said...

I think the best runners make the best of what they have and make adjustments where they can. At least the runners that have jobs and families.
I'm always looking for new books to listen to when I drive back and forth to work. I'll have to put that in my wish list. If you are running THAT many miles, how often are you changing shoes?? What a great job you are doing!!

Xenia said...

I'm three quarters of the way through A Clash of Kings. I love this series!

Nobel4Lit said...

Ha ha... I've watched 3 eps of Game of Thrones and am desperate to continue once I can figure out how to hook my computer up to my TV (I think my port is defective)... no other blu-ray players in my house.

Nikki said...

Wow, 150mi month is nothing too shabby! I've had entire months where I've barely got in 50! ha ha.

Agate Lake Girl said...

I'm looking for something to read. Thanks for the recommendations!

Lee said...

I just thumbed through that book at Target today. I liked the Happiness Project.

Carolina John said...

august is a hell month for running. if you came anywhere close to 150 miles that's insane. especially in the south florida heat? screw that. I hit 33 miles in august and still complained about the heat in NC.

Erika . . . with a K said...

Life gets in the way of things... but 150 miles AND continuing your streak. I would say that is a pretty EPIC month in my book!