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Friday, September 21, 2012

1 Miler

In a streak, there is always the safety net distance of completing at least 1 mile in a day to keep a streak active.

That's what I fell back on this morning.

Last night, I had a weird night's sleep: I woke up at midnight with chills.  I felt sore, achy, and cold.  Then, a few hours later, I woke up completely drenched in sweat.  I either have the little virus that Caleb had (his only symptom was a fever, so I still don't know if he had a virus or was just teething), or I'm going through menopause.

When I got up this morning, I just wasn't feeling "good."  Nothing in particular was paining me or making me feel ill, but I sorely wanted to just crawl back into bed and sleep a few more hours.  Since that wasn't an option, I went out and just did the 1 mile minimum.  It was slow. 

Now, I have class and then I'm off to the airport for my trip to DC.  I doubt there will be an opportunity for me later this evening for more miles, so I think I'll just have to let that 1 miler stand as today's run.  So far this week, I'm logging the lowest mileage since June.

Eh.  I suspect the world won't end.

Ayhoo...I'm looking forward to getting some extra winks on the plane and reading my book.  Enjoy your weekends!  Check ya later.


Viper said...

Slackers always find excuses. Oh, I'm sick. Oh, I have to travel. Oh, I'm too drunk. It's always something. Safe travels. Cheers!

Nobel4Lit said...

Oh my... hope you feel better after you land.

TNTcoach Ken said...

That's a weird night's sleep?

Nikki said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling crappy - we're dealing with little guy colds in our house right now. Ick. How long is your streak at now?

Agate Lake Girl said...

Have fun in DC!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Those 1 milers are a necessary "evil" of streaking. Or maybe they are the God send? Either way, use 'em when you need to and keep going!

Enjoy the weekend and feel better soon.

runner26 said...

feel better!!