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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Corporate Run: March 21st

A week from today is the "Corporate Run" which is sponsored in part by both my husband's work, Motorola, and my work, Broward Community College. Each year that I've lived here in South Florida I've wanted to run the "Corporate "Run" -- mostly because lots of our friends run it and I hate to be left out. So, this year it actually works out because I don't have to teach a class on the evening that they hold it.

I've decided to run it even though my knee is not yet back to its old glory (again, because I don't want to be left out), so I don't know how well I'll do, but I figure I've already missed out or didn't finish 3 planned races for the year so far, and most of my running goals are going out the window; I must salvage something.

The only thing that sucks is that because of my eleventh hour decision, I have missed the deadline to be a part of my college's "team," but I assume I can still sign up at the race; I'll just be teamless.

So, for the next 7 days, I am "Corporate Run" focused: 5K, here I come! (Knee, do you hear that? No wimping out this time! I wanna see a strong effort from you soldier!)


miss petite america said...

you'll be all good chica! it sounds like it'll be a ton of fun!

and what exactly goes in a goody bag for a race sponsored by mercedes benz???

RunnerGirl said...

Take it easy - and enjoy yourself on the run!

I have been really sick for about 3 weeks now, so unfortunately, I too have missed a lot of running. And I have a half in 7 weeks! Yikes!

Erin said...

My job was supposed to be sponsoring a booth but we haven't received any word yet. I am at a big debate as to whether I should try to run it and risk feeling like death again, if I should walk it, or if I should just be a cheerleader this year.

I think you should think positive because that knee is going to realize it misses racing real soon and wants to give you a steady, pain free effort.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Take it easy on that knee. BTW do you win a Benz if you win?

Nicole said...

Damn you Jess..Now I'm watching that stupid Pussy Cat Dolls show. I'm so mad right now. What is the name of your student again?

Nicole said...

Damn you Jess..Now I'm watching that stupic Pussy Cat Dolls show. What is the name of you student again?

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great.

Anonymous said...

hey good luck in your race! definitely take it easy. i usually like to run easy and sometimes will grab a friend and start chatting with them on my run easy runs.