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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Camping: The Longer, More Detailed Version

Our stay in the swampland began on Saturday with a team effort between my husband and I: We locked our only set of keys in the truck. It was a combo effort -- I left the keys in there; he locked the truck. I could see panic in his eyes as he assessed how much it would cost to either A.) Have AAA come out to the middle of nowhere to unlock us, or B.) Break a window.

Thankfully, neither had to happen. Our handy friends were able to fashion a lock-picking device out of a marshmallow skewer and they managed to unlock the truck's back window where I had to shimmy through to unlock the rest of the doors -- below I am pictured emerging from the inside.

After the freeing of the truck keys, we mostly sat back and relaxed -- satisfied that collectively we had enough brains to figure out how to break into a Ford Ranger.

After going for a drive in the four wheel trucks, and after watching some others get stuck, then ticketed by the wildlife officer, we made ourselves a classic campfire and sat back with some beers to enjoy the evening. Scooter had spent the day running free like a wild dog -- sometimes a little too wild, so he was exhausted. You'll note in the picture below of me, my husband and Scooter, that Scooter is outfitted with his blaze-orange camping collar. That's right. He has the appropriate camping accessories.

Like I said in the "brief version," we had a lot of fun, and were pretty tuckered out when we returned home -- gritty with dirt. My friend arrived from out of town on Sunday night, and since then, we've been busy socializing and shopping. But I did manage to get a run in last night -- the first since last week's 5K. I don't know how much running I'll have time for this week, but next week, I've resolved to get back to it -- for sure.


brunettechicagogal said...

As a Midwestern native, I'm embarrassed to admit that, outside of Girl Scout camp, I've never been camping. I really want to, but the opportunity hasn't come up. Looks like a load of fun!

miss petite america said...

u mean your husband doesn't wear his nacho libre costume camping???

sounds like u guys had lots of fun. i can't wait to bust out the tents and take my nephew camping for his first time this summer!

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like tons of fun! I love camping... especially with friends, dog, and a cooler full of beer!

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome pics, Jess! Sounds like a great trip. Glad that you were able to get your vehicle unlocked.

Kristen D. said...

Camping sounds like a blast! We do a lot of it here in Oregon, but I confess I've never camped in the swamplands of my native Florida before, although my grandparents took my sister and I "camping" on an island off the North Florida coast one evening when we were kids. We slept in a tent right outside their RV...in an RV park. Maybe someday we'll do the real camping in Florida. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to get your keys out!! And, I loved the picture of you all especially of scooter - I think my scooter is jealous of yours freedom.

Running by.... said...

Sounds like fun! Do I see CANS of insect repellent on your table?