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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yee's Yoga

This is the yoga DVD I bought and did yesterday. It was pretty good. No time to rest -- you go through the poses without any breaks so it actually becomes challenging fifteen minutes into the 60 minute program, and I was sweating 30 minutes in. The poses themselves aren't difficult, but some are challenging and without any pauses between poses, it was a good workout. But one thing...
...I was completely distracted by, um, the bulge in Yee's very tight, nothing-left-to-the-imagination, shorts. And is he working out in only those shorts because he truly is that warm, or is he trying to show off? It is supposedly filmed on a Hawaiian hillside, so I can buy the idea that he's physically hot, but I gotta tell ya, I would've been pleased to see some baggy sweats and a t-shirt on the guy.

I could feel the workout's results this morning, and I was a little sore in my butt and thighs (but that means it's working!), so I was stiff when I started out on my jog at 6:30 (that's right, I got up early). The run went fine though and it was pleasant out. We've been getting rain for days now, and aside from the fact that the air outside is essentially a rain cloud it's so humid, the temp has dropped considerably, and it almost felt chilly when I first stepped outside. I quickly worked past that though and sweated up my usual amount.


teacherwoman said...

Nice job with the yoga! I really need to get into that! They say it is great for runners!

(I too would probably be distracted by the man in the video...eeks)

Firefly's Running said...

Nice job!!

miss petite america said...

omg. if his shorts are anything like billy blanks' i would find it very hard to workout.

Simlin said...

um, I think I will investigate these Yoga DVDs, maybe one with a female instructor though.

Let us know if you feel it is improving your running (after getting over the initial muscle soreness ;0) )