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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Sicks

Normally, I'm a pretty practical person when it comes to germs and illness -- people get sick.  It happens.  It's usually not a big deal, and I don't rush myself to the doctor nor do I take Norah to the doctor for a case of the sniffles.  But, this week has just been weird.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Norah is ill and I thought it might be more than a virus, so I took her in yesterday, and they found it to be nothing more than a common cold.  After leaving the dr.'s, I felt mixed emotions: relief it wasn't anything more, annoyance at being perhaps perceived as one of "those" parents who take their kids in with every sneeze, and concern because, well, she just seemed really, really sick.  Norah has had plenty of colds and they don't generally slow her down at all -- she'll still eat normally, drink normally, sleep normally; she just does so with a steady stream of boogers.

But this hasn't been the case this week: She's had a sparse appetite, she hasn't been drinking many fluids, her sleep has been disrupted, and she just hasn't been acting like herself (lots of whining and crying and clinging to Jerry and I).  Plus, at 4 am this morning, she again woke with a fever -- 103.5.

So, worried, I again called the pediatrician this morning and went in with her.  This time, they double checked her ears and chest, swabbed her throat, even gathered a urine sample.  And? 


Just appears to be a virus.

A particularly hard one on her, I guess.  (She's never run a fever with just a cold before -- the only other time she ever had a fever was when she had an ear infection...more than 6 months ago.)  The dr. advised continued use of ibuprofen to control her fever and urged us to try and get her to drink as many fluids as possible, and in the meantime, it'll probably just pass in a day or two.  Again, I feel the same mixture of emotions I did yesterday: relief, foolish, concerned.  Plus, I feel bad because my SIL has been visiting us this week, and it seems we've done nothing but attend doctor appointments.

As for today, Norah's staying home from daycare with Jerry for the afternoon, and hopefully, with more time, rest, and fluids, she'll be over this bug soon.  In the meantime, I seem to have caught it from her -- nothing like having a sick kid when you're sick yourself!


Nobel4Lit said...

Oh blah... fevers are serious deals... and you have a right to be frightened by them!

Hope you feel better. I'm sure it's no good for you to be sick right now (or ever, for that matter).

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Little worse than not being able to help them feel better! I hope you both get through it quickly.

Erin said...

You know your child best and if something is off, you have reason for concern. Granted, a fever of 100.6 is not take your kid to the doctor in my book but 103 definitely is! I would be worried too. The one thing I noticed is as Miller gets older, his colds knock him out more like an adult. He starts to drag and his appetite changes. Hopefully both you and Norah feel better for Saturday. I hear there is an Egg Hunt at your house :)If you need more help, just let me know.

Marlene said...

I hope she's feeling better soon! Definitely have to be "safe rather than sorry" with a child.

Lisa said...

Don't be fooled into thinking that because it's a virus, it's "JUST a virus." Viruses can wreak havoc; just can't easily be cured/treated so you have to wait it out. Better safe than sorry when it comes to your kids.

Lee said...

Hope she feels better soon.

James said...

Anything above 103 is definitely doctor worthy. You've done the right thing and double check on it. Erin is right, you know her best and if it didn't feel like a normal cold it was good for you to take her in. Who cares what people think. I'm sure they've seen far worse.

sbennett said...

I am one of Kelsa's friends from Michigan (in PA now). Kelsa had linked to your blog on her fitblog. I happened to click and saw your post about your daughter's illness. I have a one year old son who stayed home from daycare all week this week because he had a fever and fitful sleep but no other symptoms. It was higher than it's ever been but a trip to the dr. confirmed no infection. Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone!

Agate Lake Girl said...

You know your kid better than any doctor even if they say "it's just a virus."

I never worry about being perceived as over-protective though. I always feel better making sure it isn't anything more serious. Plus, this is how the doctors offices make their money. They must love people like me! :)

I do hope Norah (and you!) are feeling better soon.