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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I feel like my running in the past month has been hit-and-miss.

One week, I'll run every other day and fit in a solid 3-4 days of running. Then, in the next week, I'll maybe manage 1-2 days of running -- and, it'll be without pattern or routine.

I would like to be more consistent, but because I'm not training for anything, and because I don't have any defined goals regarding running during pregnancy, that means I essentially go by how I feel each day. And if I feel like running? Great! if I don't? Screw it. Who cares? And I walk or do my prenatal yoga DVD instead.

The disciplined runner in me feels like this inconsistency is unacceptable, but the preggo in me says, "Meh. I do what I can."

Both today and yesterday were "meh-screw-it" kinda days.

Monday's reason for choosing to walk instead of run? Well, does Monday really need a reason? Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Tuesday's reason for making the same choice? I'm tired. Ti-ti-tired.

See, I have night class on both Mondays and Thursdays, so on those evenings, I don't get home until about 9:30 pm. Then, I usually eat something, catch up with Jerry, sneak a peak in at Norah, and hit the sack. So, even though I'm usually in bed by 10:30, nagging Jerry to turn off his reading light and read in the dark, I still don't feel as though I sleep enough, or sleep well enough on these nights.

I have a tough time settling down, mentally, and counting my Zzzz's doesn't come easily, and then I always have restless classroom dreams, and such restless dreaming usually means I wake up throughout the night more frequently, and when I wake up, I gots to pee. You see the cycle, right? I "technically" slept for 8 hours, but really, I feel like I didn't sleep much at all, and thus, on a Tuesday like today, I feel like I belong in "Dawn of the Dead."

So, yeah, that's my reason for not running this morning, and why I currently feel as though I could crash out now and potentially sleep straight through until tomorrow morning. Which means, I probably won't make it much past Norah's bedtime tonight!


Marlene said...

I am not a fan of getting home late. Even if I still get to bed at a reasonable time, it throws off my schedule and I just can't wind down. Hope you can catch up on some quality ZZZ's tonight.

teacherwoman said...

My schedule is thrown off to when I have a late night. No fun! Just listen to your body!

Anonymous said...

Hoping you can get some quality sleep in there- you've got some crazy hours on Mondays and Thursdays!

N.D. said...

I think that is totally fine. Now isnt the time to be consistent so I say who cares! good time to take it easier than normal.

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

O my goodness I love your blog this is my first time stopping by!

Alice said...

I hear yah. My focus is to run 3 days a week to help keep off to much of my pregnancy weight (I've gained 25lbs at the start of 6 months) even if a few of them are "because I have to" runs and not the "woot I can take on the world power runs".

Just keep it up and do what you feel is right. Last week was my first one in while that I only got 2 runs in because I got really sick. Life goes on and this time it's not just ours we have to think of.