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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

Yesterday I found my oomph again -- thank god. I ran the six planned miles and it felt really good. Amazing how once you break through the first couple, the rest come fairly easily. I was pretty tuckered out when I finished, but I was glad I got through it. I'm tentatively scheduling myself for a 10K in three weeks and it's nice to know I can do the distance.

This morning was Power Yoga -- not really all that powerful. I thought it might be more challenging than the regular yoga class the gym offers, but it really wasn't. Plus, the instructor was more blah than blah. Everything she said sounded as if Ben Stein was saying it in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off": Move into down dog; Feel the energy. There was no energy! Wish my gym offered more yoga variety, but I just may need to go to a yoga center for that, and that would mean more gym costs, and I just managed to create a budget for myself and it did not include extra yoga. Myabe I can find a good video that would help challenge me: Any suggestions?


Running Jayhawk said...

I've got a Yoga for Runners dvd...I wouldn't recommend it though.

I'm a fan of the series by Crunch, but I've only done the pilates videos, not the yoga.

Call around to some yoga centers in your area and see if they offer a free week trial or something. That's what I'm doing with this Bikram Yoga (aka Hot Yoga) joint up here...as soon as I find the time.

Also, another resource may be your local hospital. Ours offers all levels of yoga classes at a reasonable cost...

Shalini said...

I like the Bryan Kest Power Yoga videos, even though he has an obnoxious Jersey accent and looks like Michael Bolton. Other than that, it is a good workout.

Anonymous said...

Jess, Came upon your site while surfing the running blogs. You had me laughing. Noticed that this was your last blog. Did you quit running? I hope not. Hope the puppy and marriage don't stop your running. I'll keep checking to see if you get back into it or you may just write to write since you are so good at it. Take care. Thanks for making me smile.
I'm just an old fart from Ohio who still runs. Good luck.

ws said...

picking a random old post to respond to your comment...

at least you laughed at my commentary on your chicago number. I still haven't looked at my number yet (I'll tell myself it is patience). I'm not in denial about my neurosis, I'm just neurotic about abnormal things and not those things which I should be more concerned about. However, I've never met someone with OCD tendencies that isn't concerned about appliances, so maybe your husband already checks without you knowing.

I'm nothing if not honest to a fault. It is hard to get 'things' out of me in person, but on paper I'm probably too candid. People shouldn't worry, I have a weird knack for landing on my feet. And that bright and sunny disposition, well I don't have one. I can't be that person and it took me a long time to accept that it would never be me. But it is fine, my intensity has its place.

If you have something lurking in your life that you want to discuss but not on your blog and you want to email, you can. gw2000-wendy AT stanfordalumni.org. Believe me, I've been a victim of inappropriate reactions and judgement enough to know that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones and I've exposed enough of my failings so you know I'm in no position to judge.