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Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Real Age

So, this morning I was playing around on the Internet and came across a test to see what my "real age" is on realage.com. They ask you a series of questions about lifestyle, exercise and eating habits, and genetic history to determine what your body's real age is. Chronologically I am 27.9 (I will be 28 in April), but according to this website, I am actually 23.3. Sounds good to me. I knew I couldn't yet be past 25.

Some of the things that helped me reduce my age were my marriage, my exercise habits (knew that had to have some benefit), my healthy weight, and my genetic history (free of most troubling things). Plus, I don't smoke (never have), I always wear my seatbelt (I had a terrible car crash when I was eighteen and learned my lesson there), and I now own a dog (supposed to reduce stress -- not sure if the constant chewing and potty training actually helps me relax).

But unfortunately, I also drink too much (the binge kind, not good), I eat too much red meat, not enough fish, and too few veggies. I also occassionally talk on the cell phone in the car, and I drive over the speed limit (but trust me, in South Florida it is dangerous to drive under the speed limit). All in all, the test made me feel kinda good about my health habits, and most of what made me older was stuff I already recognized. Sometimes it's enough work to do the things you're already doing right.


Running Jayhawk said...

right on! where would one find this test?

Jess said...

You can find the test at www.realage.com; Have fun with it!