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Monday, November 04, 2013

Sayonara October!

October always feels like a particularly long month.  And the last week of the month was particularly exhausting: We had company staying with us (which is always fun but is also busy), then I came down with a round of the barfs, and then it was Halloween which, once you have kids, requires days of events not just one day.  Given that, I was just happy to get last week's runs done, and squeeze in an even 100 miles for the month.

So, I'm happy to see October in the rearview and am pleased to look forward to November, one of my favorite months.  I have the turkey trot on Thanksgiving (always one of my favorite traditions), and I am planning for an early December half marathon, so I have that training beginning to peak as well.  Thankfully the weather has begun to cool off, so even though the days are shorter and I'll have to adjust to running in the dark, the relief of more temperate weather is welcome.

In general, because FL's sub tropical climate gives us the opposite enjoyable weather as the rest of the country, from now until March I get to enjoy FL's "race season," and just yesterday, I was starting to get excited about determining which events I wanted to include in this year's race calendar.  Certainly, it's tempting to do them all, but practicality dictate that time and finances be considerations, so I have to limit my choices.  Still, it's always fun to look at my choices and weigh the favorites with the events I've never done, or haven't done in awhile.

I'm lucky to have such choice, and it being November, I do pause to be grateful for the running events that stretch out before me from now until March.


Viper said...

November really is a good month. Even in Ohio, it's good running weather, though a bit chilly at times. I'm hoping to christen the baby jogger this month if I can bundle up the little well enough. Cheers!

Lisa said...

Oddly, I'm not a fan of Nov or Dec (or Jan). Probably because of the change in weather and darker days.

Jill said...

Colorado is bipolar during winter - we'll have a blizzard on one day and 65 degrees the next. Always seems the blizzard is on the days I need to do a long run :/.

I think the rest of the country looks to Florida (and California) for winter race season - no one else is insane enough to hold a race. Ha. Hope you find some fun ones!