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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

August Tally

For August, I managed to squeek by with exactly 100 miles, making the month my year's lowest mileage month (Feb clocked in at 101, but considering it is a few days shorter than August, it really makes August look like a wimp).  It wasn't a stellar running month, but still, one can't complain about logging 100 miles and maintaining a streak.  So, there.  That's me not complaining.

Annnnddd, moving on: September has been a fresh start with the miles, and I'm off to a solid start.  The main goal this month is, as I mentioned last week, to reach my year's 1,000th mile before month's end.

And, of course, to keep streaking.  Today will be Day #246.

In case you lost track. ;)


Viper said...

Damn. Good work. Cheers!

Carolina John said...

Nice work! Consistency is what really pays off in the long run. Keep streaking!

runner26 said...


Kevin said...

100 miles is not too shabby, especially since you'll reach your 1,000 mile goal with several months to spare