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Friday, August 09, 2013

Snotpacalypse 2013

One of the benefits of staying home with the kids, as opposed to having them in school, is far fewer illnesses.  It probably has helped that it's summer too and fewer viruses are floating around.  Either way, up until last week, neither the kids nor I had been sick since April.  For us, that's a record amount of time.

Of course, having such a long, healthy stretch means that when we did all come down with a cold, it felt pretty awful.  Thankfully, it was a minor bug and within 48 hours, we were all feeling better. But...

...The boogers lingered.

For me, it was like a boomerang: I was feeling completely better; then, the congestion set in and I felt yucky again.  The congestion was so bad on Wed and Thursday this week, and my right ear was SO plugged up, I thought for sure I had another ear infection.

Yet, I held off going to the doctor because...I'm lazy, I guess...but, I adopted the wait and see policy, and while I'm still congested and my ear is still plugged, I can tell it's better.  Not dramatically better, but subtly better.

I've been taking decongestants (but only taking the minimum dosage because they make me super tired and with the kids, I really can't afford to be feeling sleepy all day), but as always, I've found that the best decongestant is running.

I don't know the science of why, but I've always found that running clears out the mucus better than anything else.  On Wednesday's run, I actually got to experience one of those satisfying POP!s in my ear and for a brief moment (before fluid rushed in to the emptied space), I could hear again.  It's always kinda tough to drudge up the motivation to keep running when sick, but for me, I always feel better afterward.

Hopefully, I begin to feel better soon because tomorrow is Norah's 4th birthday (I KNOW!  can you believe it?) and her birthday party, and my dad is flying in today to spend the weekend with us.  So, I'll be too busy for boogers.


Jamoosh said...

It is science! Running gets your body oozing all sorts of stuff, which is one of the reasons I love morning runs.

Erin said...

My nose always runs when I run too. I just wish I had a more elegant way of sniffing while I am huffing. LOL!

Yay about your dad coming. We can't wait to celebrate with Norah tomorrow. 4 years old...how crazy is that?

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Can't be!! 4. That is crazy!! LBM is 4...okay almost 5 but where did that time go.

Early Happy Birthday to your little diva.

Carolina John said...

Kelley got an plugged when she was pregnant. 9 years later she still can't hear out of that ear. For Jerry's sake, get it looked at.

Laura said...

Wow! Happy Birthday to Norah! I remember I started following your blog after you posted about running while pregnant with Norah - hard to believe it's been 4 years!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I'm not looking forward to the influx of illnesses now that Rylee will be in school. What can I say? I like being booger free!