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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

All the Little Runs

August's mileage has been a bit disappointing.  For the first two weeks of the month, my weekly mileage was in the teens, and excepting yesterday's 5 miler, I haven't run anything longer than 4 miles. 

That means I'm going to barely coast through the month by meeting my 100 mile minimum.

I could blame the heat, Norah's birthday, the start back to school...but last August, I managed to run 150 miles, and I had all the same factors then as now.  Dammit, guess I can't blame anything or anyone but myself for logging so many short runs.

Oh well, it's nothing really to complain about: I keep on streakin and doing my best to log the miles I need, and that's what counts for me right now.

However, I do already have my sights on September's potential mileage because I'm nearing in on 2013's 1000th mile.  If I meet my mileage expectation for this week, and round out August, and te year so far, with 880 miles, that means I -- obviously -- have 120 miles to run in September to hit 1000 by the end of that month.

120 miles, 30 days, an average of 4 miles a day.

It'll be my new challenge.

*Disclaimer: If you notice typos and misspellings in my recent posts: Blame Blogger.  Something screwy is going on and it won't allow me to edit anything.  Any techy advice?*


Julie D said...

I get in about 4 miles MAX these days, so your goal seems like a great one! August seems like a rough month in general due to heat and routine changes, so hang in there!

Lisa said...

4 miles a day seems like a lot to me. Good luck with that.

Lately I've been blaming by typos on trying to blog from my tablet. I am constantly the victim of autocorrect!

Jamoosh said...

I can't speak for Miami, but I know August has been (felt) hotter this year than last year. Techy Advice: If you are using a Windows PC/Laptop, download Windows Live Writer. It's a great blog editor I have used with both Blogger and WordPress.

Carolina John said...

The streak is reaching insane proportions! Keep up the strong work.