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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be Mine: Sweetheart Week

Some people are rather cynical about Valentine's day -- which, hey, I get it; it does feel like forced, expected sentiment, and no one appreciates feeling like they have to express a certain emotion on a designated day -- but, I like Valentine's Day.

And, with kids, all holidays are more.  Just MORE.

So, the Valentine lead-up has first and foremost included some Valentine cupcake making and decorating, which apparently, is done in your undies:

So much sweetness for the sweeties!

Speaking of sweeties...yeah, I'm that smooth with transitions...As for the Jer-Bear and I, we celebrated our V-Day this past Saturday by having a date night.  We went to a nearby brewery/restaurant and enjoyed some brews and some good food:

After dinner, we went to see "Argo" (finally! we've been wanting to go since it came out more than 6 months ago, but time at the movies is limited, ya know), and it was...wait for it...awesome.  One of the best movies I've seen in awhile (I do also recommend "Looper," which we saw via OnDemand recently; very smart sci-fi flick).  "Argo" was thoughtful, but also incredibly suspenseful!  The last 30 minutes have you on the edge of your seat; plus, I appreciate a movie that doesn't "waste" any time and bloat itself on its self-importance. 

Anyhoo, yeah, I'm gushing more about my love of the movie than my love of my husband.  But, you know, I've had 7 and 1/2 years of marriage and I just saw "Argo" -- like most love stories, it's two different romances: the story of falling in love vs. the story of staying in love.

Lastly, the kids have been working on crafting their Valentine's cards the past few days, which really means a mess of glitter and stickers.  And, mostly, their Auntie Care-Bear has done 99.9% of the crafting; still, Norah was proud of this one that she made for her boyfriend, Brady: 

As a final thought, in keeping with the romance of Valentine's week, as I celebrate my love with my husband and with my family, I'm also thinking about other loves in my life: Friendship, work, and, of course, running.
For me and running, we didn't share "love at first sight"; instead, it was a slow romance, but in the end, like some of the best romances, it has been consistent and reliable.  And as I touched on above, the best part of my run-mance, is that we have stayed in love, which is maybe most genuine kind of love.  Sometimes I take running for granted, and sometimes, running and I get into fights and misunderstandings, but I always like running.  As in, like-like.
What about your love affair with running?  Was it love at first sight or were you like a modern romantic comedy that began as, or has evolved into, a love-hate?


Jamoosh said...

Cupcakes AND a movie review. Winning!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and really enjoyed it. I'm a newbie to running and have come to love it as well. I also want to see the movie Argo...I really want to see it now after hearing you talk about it.

nrmrvrk said...

I had to run 3 miles once a month in the military 25 yrs ago and hated it. I realized that it was easier to try not to hate it than it was to avoid it so I started running on my own. It came really easy to me and I've loved it ever since. Distance always came easy to me for some reason. I wish I'd given it more effort in high school.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Rylee sent a little something for the kids via Moto-express. :)