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Monday, September 05, 2011

Monday Miscellany

On Friday, Caleb had his first appointment with the baby-head-specialist.  Official diagnosis?  Yup, that's a flat spot. 

He has to have an x-ray to confirm that bones aren't fusing together incorrectly (they don't believe they are, but they want the confirmation), and he was prescribed some PT to work on correcting the torticollis (tilty neck business he's got going on), but other than that, the doctor's gist was essentially: He's young, and as he develops and spends more time off his back, this will probably even out.  Still, they want to monitor it, so we go back in 6 weeks.  In the meantime, the dr. said we should try to minimize the time he spends on his back; so, we've been trying to make sure he's in a variety of other positions.  Like sitting in the Bumbo chair:
Holding the truck makes sitting in the purple chair, on a pink blanket more masculine, okay?  And speaking of diminished masculinity...Norah's autie sent her a gift of assorted nail polishes and lip glosses, and barrettes and other girl accoutrement.  She Loves -- yes, capital "L" -- them.  But, a girl can only apply so much lip gloss to herself, so her dolls all got lip gloss, and Scooter got some lip gloss, and, you guessed it, Caleb got some lip gloss:
He was a sitting duck in that purple chair!

However, the recipient in the household for "Most Unlikely Subject of a Girlie Makeover" goes to...Rex!
Every dino needs some hair ties and bracelets on his tail, right?

So, what else has been new this weekend?  Well, Caleb made his maiden voyage in the BOB for his first run!  With Norah, I waited until the conservatively advised 6 month mark before putting her in the BOB and taking her running, but after reading/hearing of others who'd put their babies in the BOB as early as 8 weeks, I figured I'd go ahead and give Caleb's brains a jiggle and take him for a test run.  It went great!  He clearly is big enough/strong enough to sit in there just fine, and he fell asleep about 8.2 seconds into the run and slept for the entire 3 miles.

It was a nice change of pace, since the last few times I tried to take Norah all I heard was "No like it!"  "Go home!"  "Norah walk!"  He gave me no grief and was a million pounds lighter.  I think we will be doing this again on future weekend runs.

Lastly, we decided to spend Labor Day at a kickass park that has a water park, etc.  We haven't been there since the beginning of summer, so today we packed a picnic and spent about 3 hours there.  Norah was so spent from the fresh air and activity that she took an epic nap this afternoon: 2 and 1/2 hours!  The time outside wore us all out, and for a bit, we all got the chance to nap this afternoon.  I happened to snap this pic of Jerry and Scooter snuggling:
Or, really, I should say this pic of Jerry snuggling an unwilling Scooter.  But, that's how Jerry snuggles...it's a fine line between snuggling and holding someone down.


ajh said...

Hysterical picture of Jerry and Scooter.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Good news for the doctor.

I love when big sisters attack! Little brothers put up with a lot.

Nobel4Lit said...

Yay that he's your new running buddy! And I love Rex's makeover!

Lisa said...

I laughed out loud at the dino makeover photo. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Nikki said...

I hear brain-jiggling fixes flat spots, so keep it up! I ran with mine before 6 mos too and so far I think they've turned out okay... :o)

Marlene said...

Awesome that you have a lighter and more cooperative companion for your stroller runs!

Sounds like a good weekend all-around.

Krissy said...

Ha! Rex all dolled up is too funny! Poor Caleb, he doesn't stand a chance to get away from Norah's little salon she is running until he gets moving!

BrianFlash said...

This is why we don't have good circus freakshows anymore. All the good potential deformities are caught and treated early.

Oh well - congrats on raising a normal looking child!

Lee said...

Rex looks hot with his pretty tail.

N.D. said...

Caleb is sooo cute and getting big so quickly! Hope everyhing's ok for the flat spot. Sounded like a fun labor day and cute cuddle pic!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Rylee just got lip gloss for her birthday... though she hasn't tried to put any on Rio. :)

Cute pics all around.