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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Looking Forward

Given the discussion over at Jamoosh's this week pertaining to race medals and cutoff times, perhaps Norah needs to take these off, huh?
Trust me, she wouldn't give them up willingly.  She told me yesterday, "Mine!" 

As for MY running, I got a Saturday 3 miler in yesterday morning, and it got me thinking about future running/racing plans.

Back when I was preggo with Caleb, and dreaming of returning to racing, I thought I might be able to train for an HM by late fall.  Specifically, I thought I could probably be ready by the time Ft. Lauderdale's 13.1 rolled around in early November (Caleb would be about 5 and 1/2 months then and I ran the Miami HM when Norah was that age).  I had been keeping this tentatively in mind, but then I actually looked at a calendar, and...um, nope.  That's not gonna happen.  I haven't run anything longer than 3 miles.  I can't put in the necessary training in the next 8 weeks in order to pull off an HM.  And, I just have to accept that this time around, it's been a tougher road in the return to running.

Instead, I'm thinking of running a 10K that same weekend (The Key Biscayne Lighthouse Run on Nov 12).  8 weeks should be enough for me to build up to a 10k, right?

The 10K I have in mind, I've run before -- in fact, it was the first race I ran post-Norah's birth!  I can't help but love that kind of symmetry.

Next step: Actually register for it.


Nobel4Lit said...

Go for it!!!

Lisa said...

it's plenty of time to get ready for a 10K. have fun!

James said...

I agree. Go for it!

Lauren said...

You can absolutely do it! My first race post-baby was a 9K (I trained for a 10K, but this race just happened to be near my house and on the right weekend!) and I trained for about that long. I had also gotten in the habit of only running 3-ish miles at a time, since that was all I could really get away for in the beginning.

Jamoosh said...

I must note my final thoughts on the matter were to provide medals to all entrants who finished within race parameters. Therefore, Norah can go out and earn her own medals by finishing the race!

Carolina John said...

It's so exciting to see everyone getting ready for the late fall races! What fun. You can't go wrong with a 10k.

Marlene said...

Norah is so cute in your medals - err, her medals!

Sounds like a great plan for the 10K.

BrianFlash said...

10K - piece of cake!

Krissy said...

You will do great, and I know the time commitment is tough for an HM. You have to do what fits your life at the moment. You are a runner at heart that is all that matters!