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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Of Taco Gas and Other Miscellany

Glad you guys were so captivated by the taco-eating challenge and were so impressed by my taco-eating skillz. Of course, a girl can't eat 9 tacos and not pay a price: I had such bad gas last night that I nearly drove Jerry to sleep in another room. He kept complaining that it "stung his nostrils." I just kept telling him to "quit complaining and go to sleep." I was dismissive, but I admit: It was toxic.

I don't think I need to even look at another taco for awhile.

Thankfully, the 9 taco spree didn't give me the Running Runs this morning when I went out for a 3 miler with Norah. But the run was awful in other ways -- I seriously don't know if there is a limit to my complaining about the heat and humidity -- and I was slow and sweaty. But, as is the simple goal right now, I got it done and that's what counts in my streak. 5 days down. 16 to go.

Again, it's good I got it done this morning because tonight I again have plans, but this time it's not the fun eat-9-tacos-and-swill-a-few-beers kind of plans; instead it's the first-night-of-night-class kind of plans. Yup, starting this evening, I have 7 weeks of night class to teach. I took the first half of summer completely off, but decided I couldn't pass up the chance to teach a few classes in the second half of the term (extra income? yes, please, I have a taco habit to feed). Don't get me started on how stupid it is to start a term on a Thursday, but that's how it is, yo.

So, the next 7 weeks are gonna be kinda tough since I'll be home all day with Norah and then as soon as Jerry gets home at 4:30, I'll be heading off to campus and I won't get home until about 10 pm. They're gonna be long days, but like I said, the extra income will be nice, especially since I can still stay home with Norah during the day so we don't have to shell out any dough for daycare. And, thankfully, the classes are literature classes, which I enjoy teaching and night class students tend to be good students, especially those who take summer night classes: they are the devoted ones and I tend to get some really good classes, so in my own weird, nerdy way, I'm looking forward to teaching. Still, I can't believe that my 7 week hiatus is up, though. It went so fast!


Charbelle said...

Complain about the heat and humidity all you want!!! You live in FL I just can't imagine. I'm thinking NC is bad and I know it's got to be nothing compared to what you've got.
Your night class sounds fun!

Jamoosh said...

Taco gas - lovely. You must have smelled like one of those taco trucks that roll through the neighborhood every now and then.

aron said...

glad the tacos didnt come back to get you on your run :)

UGGG i cannot imagine dealing with the heat and humidity in FL. i HATE the heat and i know its way worse there :(

Wes said...

I draw the line at watering eyes and stinging nostrils :-)

It was definitely humid this morning on my run. I have been spoiled having been mostly tapering since Summer started!

Enjoy your classes!

Viper said...

Congrats on avoiding the runs on your run. I too had tacos last night, but not nearly the gluttonous amount you had. Sheesh. Cheers!

teacherwoman said...

Glad all you dealt with was taco gas and nothing more. That would be my case. LOL

Someone asked me if I would ever take my summer off completely, but I don't think I will ... at this point. working half days 4-6 weeks (about 100 hours total) .. it seems silly for me not to, especially considering I get paid pretty darn well! LOL.

Too bad you aren't teaching during the high heat/humidity of the day! But, I guess you will get to enjoy the daytime with Norah!

Lily on the Road said...

Gah! TMI!! LOL

good for you to take part in someone's future!

RunningLaur said...

Good luck back at work. You can do it (ha!)

So, what kind of tacos were they? Was it just one type you had to keep plowing through, or do you get to change it up? Inquiring minds want to know.

Java Joggers said...

I feel you on the gas... I suffered from the mistake of eating sauerkraut the other day. YIKES!

Glad your tacos didn't show up on your run today :)

Carly said...

LOL @ the Taco Gas.

Your class sounds cool.

Anonymous said...

Of all the possibilities, if you have to relive tacos you ate, gas isn't a bad way to go!

Firefly's Running said...

Taco Gas - OMG!

As a former night community college student (and worked full time too!), I took great care in my grades. In fact, I took a English writing class while finishing the plans for my wedding (and my previous marriage). To this day, I am thankful to my professor's support and understanding to help me not allow my head to explode from all of the pressure while still managing a A- for a grade.

Summer night classes are TOUGH!

lee said...

Glad you didn't have taco trots on your run!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Jon mentioned the gas too. His, not yours! :)