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My real life is a lot like THS (True Hollywood Story) except there's no fame, fortune, or drug addiction. Instead, I'm happily married, have two children, and a dog who's prone to barfing at 3 am. I love them all, but I also have to run away from them every day. I always run back, though.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day #200

Saturday was day #200 in my running streak.  I ran a short 3 miler, and as I drew near to home, on the corner, I spotted Jerry and the kids who had come out to meet me for the last quarter mile of the run.  Norah was dressed in her "running clothes," Caleb was in regular clothes, and both kids were barefoot. 

Having them run toward me was the best thing I'd seen that day.

We met up and they ran with me for the last stretch of my run, and then, eager to run some more, we went a little farther and then turned around for home.  As a 2 year old, Caleb often looks like he's about to careen forward as he's running (still a top-heavy-toddler), but he's getting more balanced and loves to run as he declares: "Me feet supa fast!"  He hasn't figured out what to do with his arms yet, so they just sort of flap loosely at his sides.

Norah, however, gets the concept of bending her arms at the elbow and tucking them in a bit, and since she's better balanced, she doesn't look like she's gonna nose-dive into the pavement at any minute.  Plus, Norah is getting surprisingly fast, and a few times, I had to run in earnest to keep up with her.

Afterward, since we were "so sweaty" (Norah's words), we took a dip in the pool.  It was a nice way to mark the day in the streak.

July has been a bit of a trial on the streak: Like everyone else, I'm sweltering out there, and I seemed to have lost some mojo.  Still, I'm getting the runs in -- most of them short and slow -- and am hoping it's just the season, and like the season, I'm hopeful that this lackluster feeling will pass.


Viper said...

Somebody call the people at Guinness. If you're not close to a record, you at least deserve a celebratory beer. Nicely done. Cheers!

Erin said...

I returned to running last week and all I keep thinking is how stupid I am for picking the hottest and most humid part of the year to try to get back into it. The heat zaps most of my energy before I even start moving. Congrats on the streak!

Julie D said...

Been running in the morning outside, and with weather nothing like yours, I still come back beet red and drenched in sweat. I can only imagine the type of mojo required to keep the streak alive!

ajh said...

Is this the farthest you've gotten in a streak? 200 days is a lot especially in your heat.

Carolina John said...

Cool, good streaking!

James said...

Awesome job on the streak! I love that you're kids are into running. Mine are too. Last night the three off us and our dog did 1.5 miles. It was going to be 2, but a tree was down in out path and I didn't want to take them across a busy street. Have you entered Norah in any fun runs yet?

Jamoosh said...

Fantastic! Sorry for the lack of comments - life gets in the way sometimes. But I am finally back and glad to see you are still streaking - even in the Florida heat. I know how it can get.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Congrats! Sounds like a pretty special moment.