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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Running...Out of Indoor Activities

Norah and Caleb are active kids, and to them, any day is best spent in motion.  Keeping two active kids busy and entertained through the summer is a tough task.  A tough task made even harder with rainy days.  Of which we've had a lot lately.  So...

...On Tuesday, we went to Monkey Joe's, an indoor play place with bounce houses and all kinds of madness where kids can run and bounce and be, well, monkies:

On Wednesday, I had planned to take them to a different indoor play place, only to discover once we got there, that it was closed.  As in, gone.  Poof!  So, we switched gears and went to the mall's indoor play area, where there's not a fast enough shutter speed to capture Caleb running around:

They played there and rode the mall's train, as well as made the requisite pit stop at the Disney Store (a place that is both a blessing and a curse: they love to go there and check out all the merchandise, but then trying to leave without buying anything usually means dealing with someone's meltdown).  Also on Wednesday, we had swimming lessons, and both did well, but Caleb especially did great:

His back floating, with ears submerged, was worlds better.  So, he gets to advance next week.

Today, then (rainy.  AGAIN.), we went to the Young at Art Museum.  I went there once, in their old location, when Norah was about 18 months, and I hadn't ever been back, but I took the kids today, and must say: The place kicks ass!  The kids played for 3 hours and would've stayed longer, but I was already pushing the limits of Caleb's naptime.

There's a million things to do there, all of them interactive, and below is just a smidge: They were building this giant fort/castle/maze out of these big foam blocks.  The place is filled with that kind of stuff.

Below, here they are outside; Norah is the wee one on the "L" and Caleb the dot by the "U."

Clearly, they needed to blow off a lot of energy.  While I was getting us checked in and filling out a membership form, my 2 were running around the lobby like wild animals.  Literally.
Caleb was, honest to God, crawling on the floor pretending to be a tiger, making chomping sounds and yelling, "Me tiger!  Bite!"  And Norah was running after him screaming, "Ahhh!  RUN!  The tiger's gonna get you!"
I filled every other mom in that lobby with smug happiness.
If anyone ever wonders why I run: THIS. IS. WHY.


Kevin said...

Sounds like your kids are no different than ours or others. Week before last we were at the zoo and Amy was trying to get Kyle to stop long enough to use the restroom and Nate was, literally, running around the stroller yelling “I’m Gangnam style” and doing the dance…much to the amusement of the 20+ onlookers/bystanders…and this was as we were leaving, after 2 hours at the zoo.

Jamoosh said...

Wait, isn't rain God's sprinkler? And don't kids love to play in the sprinkler?

Erin said...

When we arrive at school at 7am...many times the one teacher reminds us to keep it down. It's too early for the volume that comes out of Miller and Mason.

Glad to see Caleb loving the swimming lessons. That floating on the back is a killer. None of the kids seem to like it (yet they do it all of the time in the bath tub!).

Crystal said...

Sounds like they are keeping you quite busy this summer already! Fun times